Отзыв Роман Бердиханов (Актау)

<span>APU, English Package Programme , Malaysia</span>

"I've finished the eng courses in Malaysia and want to review about my studying, living,and my agent company. Firstly I didn't know what to choose (i mean courses),where to live I could just search in the inet about it, but my agent helped me with my choice about living and studying in Malay thanks a lot to my agent company KZSTUDENT. I'm glad that I've chosen APU eng courses.

First when I came there I felt  terrible all Malaysia seemed me the worst place I've ever seen, my school, smell of Malaysia and the worst thing was that in my group it was more than half class who speaks Russian and Kazakh,but never mind it depends on student if ur goal is to improve ur eng instead of speaking Russian in class or going somewhere with ur own language speakers. I advise to all students who r there or just going to, pls try to have friends from another countries it doesn't matter Arabian, Indian,African,Iranian then u can improve ur English instead of just wasting ur parents money or ur own.

Now about the teachers special thanks to ms Priya-reading class,ms Rome- speaking class,and Ezatty - writing class, all if these mentioned teachers are the best in their doing I can surely say it.

Next important students question is living. Guys I give u 100% it's Endah Promenade the cost for room maybe a little more expensive than vista, or fortune park but believe me u will say thanks me when u go and start living there it has all what people need - swimming pool,tennis court, jym, sauna, steam,the rooms are very clean,conditioner, fan,hot water, big fridge in the kitchen,living room LCD tv, receiver ,2 mini sofas, it has all what u need, u just have to buy iron,and the best its a view to Twin tower and kl tower.

Now about agent, before going to Malay I saw a lot advertisements about agen company but I stopped on KZSTUDENT and it was the right choice!!! I explain why all my studying in Malay from the beginning till finishing my courses their staff always contacted me like how are u? How is ur studying, when I had a problem they wrote to the univ administration to solve my problems that's why special thanks for them especially for Saltanat! I'm telling this cuz I heard  there from others students about their agents and all of them said that no one of agents never contacted them after they came to Malay. 

P.S/ advise to new students who's going to study just eng courses its better to start learning in Kazakhstan for the beginning till pre intermediate or interm cuz then u can practice all what u know! And one more for the first time it would seem like not u expected but then trust me u love Malaysia  !!!!"

Роман Бердиханов APU, English Package Programme , Malaysia